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Shanel // 24 // Vancouver BC // Arc'teryx //
Surfing/Snowboarding Enthusiast // Concert Goer // Artiste of sorts. Enjoys anything gold, leopard print and being supremely rad. Adventure is out there.

Not all those who wander, are lost.

Haven’t written a legit post in a while. Feeling a little low and needed a bit of a kickstart to my outlook. Its late, just surfing the internet! Listening to music on Hype Machine. Taking the day off tomorrow to get my life back in check. Watched a short clip from Volcolms’ “True To This” Movie.. made me feel inspired again to write and create. 

I was thinking of how my love of action sports started.. I think I honestly have to give props to my older brother, who of course as all boys at some point get involved in sports, he stuck with the trusty old skateboard / bike scene growing up. Soon after though, as the little sister following him around, it really hit home for me more than him. i just thought him and his friends were badass when skating or biking being dudes! Fast forward 10+ years and I want my entire life to revolve around sports and he’s making it big as an Opera singer.. Life’s funny sometimes. 

Either way, if it wasn’t for him and my own love of going against the traditional sense of things, I probably would still be interested in something creative, but maybe not as rad! The sports world to me is ever changing and getting more and more exciting as I grow up. I can only imagine the brands that will exist when MY (one-day) kids are growing up. That will be the day! 

Anyway, just a short snipped of my life these days, work is good, life is alright, keeping in positive spirits! Tomorrow is a new day! 

Chin up!