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Shanel. 23 years old. Vancouver BC. Fashion School Grad.
Surfing/Snowboarding Enthusiast. Summer lovin. Concert Goer. Artiste of sorts. Enjoys anything gold, leopard print and being supremely rad.

Not all those who wander, are lost.

Its been a while since I’ve done one of these! Here are 10 things I’m stoked about! 

  1. California Adventure - Happening in 2 weeks! 
  2. My new new job @ Arc’teryx
  3. Finding rad recipes for vegan donuts 
  4. Filming new youtube videos
  5. Hilarious morning car rides to work 
  6. Feeling “all the things” for a few cuties
  7. Tofino this weekend
  8. Singing ridiculously to songs over and over
  9. Finding new blogs 
  10. LIFE!