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Shanel. 23 years old. Vancouver BC. Fashion School Grad.
Surfing/Snowboarding Enthusiast. Summer lovin. Concert Goer. Artiste of sorts. Enjoys anything gold, leopard print and being supremely rad.

Not all those who wander, are lost.

Haven’t done one of these in a while, but it keeps me in check with whatever I’m trying to pursue in this  crazy life! 

  1. Sundays .. appreciating the weekends way more these days
  2. Finding really awesome music in the most unexpected of ways
  3. My new job (!!!)
  4. Being stoked on attempting to cook a little more
  5. Celebrating birthdays with the best of friends!
  6. Yoga
  7. Making time for the important little life things (cleaning, making lunches, being prepared) its all a part of living a balanced life! 
  8. Tattoo ideas 
  9. Alone time
  10. The summer, Portland, SF - other trips!
  11. Seeing the 1975 again in April
  12. Turning another year wiser in April
  13. Crossfit
  14. Making whimsical wish-lists on Pinterest 
  15. Filming new work for Youtube!